A Very Long Spring


Last spring, we were brewing a little secret and weren’t quite sure how to tell people.  We decided we would take some photos by the cherry blossoms, but due to the cold, their expected peak bloom was pushed back to the exact time that James was going to be traveling for work.  Having the most lovely of walking commutes to work at that time, on my usual stroll through the Smithsonian Enid A. Haupt Garden, I noticed magnolia blossoms starting to bloom, and I knew this would be our spot, as these hearty little flowers didn’t seem afraid of the cold and would be in full bloom before James left for his trip. This secret little garden became the perfect place to share our special news.

Largely untraveled, this beautiful garden is tucked away from the spring crowds in DC. Since it opens at sunrise, we wanted to get there early and have the place to ourselves for our little photo shoot.  It was in the 30’s that morning…

1…but we took off our jackets and pretended like it was a warm spring day! We set up the tripod, James used his remote, and we did our best to take shots of ourselves.


The photo below is the one we picked for our pregnancy announcement.


This year, I couldn’t wait to get back to the garden and take a few photos together with our little family. I think we may have started a tradition.


Isla on the same bench we sat on a year ago with her in my belly!

Thankfully, this year, we didn’t have to take her out in 30 degree weather and pretend like it was warm. We picked a lovely day for photos. Although Isla was more interested in eating the magnolia blossoms than anything else, she was in great spirits (James too) and both completely humored me for initiating a family photo expedition during our precious weekend.


James pulled out his trusty remote and tripod and we got to work. Unfortunately, however the garden has a safety policy that we seem to have skirted last year due to our early arrival. Since our tripod was deemed hazardous by the security guard on duty, we only got a few shots of the three of us together before we had to take it down. She did, however accommodate our request for her to take a few photos of us together. We were on our own for the rest!






Isla was pretty determined to try out these weeping cherry blossoms in the garden as well. Lucky for us, they weren’t actually too tasty so she was easily distracted.


She was also pretty excited to explore the grass. As a late fall baby, she never got to wiggle her toes in this funny green stuff before winter set in. We have to make up for lost time now!


We decided to also head over to West Potomac Park that weekend. The crowds were much thinner there than at the Tidal Basin so we managed to get a few unobstructed shots of the cherry blossoms too.




We’ll look forward to coming back out in the spring each year and taking new family photos with the blossoms. Isla couldn’t be more excited about that idea.


9 thoughts on “A Very Long Spring

  1. Alexa! What a great blog! I absolutely love all the photos. We will need some of those to update your family wall in our home!

  2. Love the photos almost as much as you!
    I wish you many-many happy returns to the park and endless love for each other!

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